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For many years, individuals and teams around the world have reaped the benefit of working with a coach, whether in a business, personal or a sporting setting. The impact on performance has been widely documented and the coaching industry has grown rapidly as a result.

The gift of reflection, time and space in which to quietly think about an issue and work out the best way forward is not something reserved for the special few. It can and should be available to all. Whilst nothing can replace one-to-one coaching, there is an alternative for those with budget and/or time constraints.

Based on many years of training, academic study and practical experience, we have developed a powerful and flexible on-line coaching tool, designed with you in mind, to meet your needs - and support your on-going development.

It is simple, easy to use, delivers great results - and it is FREE until further notice!

Take a look at our short video and see just what we mean, then click through in one of the boxes below, to find out more...


"It worked and I've got my first week's plan of action. It's quite a cool approach. Thanks, Kate."

Personal Clients

Use Coach Me Right Now to make a difference to your life.

The carefully formulated question sets allow you to focus on what matters to you, taking you on a journey of reflection, commitment and action...

Corporate Clients

Here, the principle of Coach Me Right Now is exactly the same as for Personal Clients, except that when you sign up for a whole bunch of people, we price it accordingly.

Imagine a thousand of your people having access to personal coaching and using it in the context of their work...